Bodegas Roke Eizaguirre

Another way of understanding the vineyard

E txakoli must be served cool and from a certain height, so that, along with the small carbonic bubbles fruit of its particular preparation, its complete range of primary aromas is released.

The pride of a name,
of a wine,
the project of a family.

The categorized wine must keep the characteristic organoleptic features with regards to aroma, color and taste, in accordance with what is required by the Control Board. With a moderate alcohol content 9,5°-11,5° and a slight distinctive acidity. A very characteristic and distinguished wine.

Roke Eizaguirre Txakoli has been included in the prestigious publication "SUPERVINOS 2019", among the 110 Spanish SUPERWINES of less than 6.99 Euros .

The evaluation of the tasting of the publication is the following:


D.O. Getariako Txakolina
Wine from the north

Typical chacolí of Guetaria, crystal clear and somewhat bright. Its color is yellow gold and its aroma of apple and arboreal ferns. It has an acidic flavor, apple skin, with a taste that tends to mellow, and in which a marked malic acidity and a sensation of freshness on the tongue predominates. It is dry, but I can not distinguish, honestly, if it is because it does not contain any residual sugar or because of the sensation left by malic acid (always drying).
Naturally it is a fruity wine, but with fruits from the north. At 11.5 degrees, it is light in texture and its caress is syrup rather than egg white. The aftertaste is kind and long. The presentation and closing are good, glass bottle of green color rhin type (as you know, tall and stylized). It also has an official seal on the capsule according to the Council regulation (Kontseilu arautzailea) of this denomination of origin, which is an additional guarantee.[..]
It is a classic wine from Guetaria with a very good and competitive price for this type of wine.

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