Bodegas Roke Eizaguirre

Another way of understanding the vineyard


Aia, Getaria y Zarautz

The area where "Getariako Txakolina" is produced consists of the lands found in Gipuzkoa, which the "Designation of Origin Control Board" considers suitable for the production of the varieties of grapes cultivated on high and extended trellises.

The area enjoys a mild climate with an Atlantic influence, high average temperatures and a high precipitation rate. For this reason the vineyard is situated on the sunniest and best ventilated hillsides with well drained lands and trellised forms. Marls and sandstone from the Paleocene-Eocene have led to humid dark grey limestone lands.



The farming practices used are those that aim at obtaining the highest quality of the grape varieties «Ondarrabi Zuri» (95%), and «Ondarrabi Beltza» (5%), and the experimental varieties «Ondarrabi Zuri Zerratia» (Petit Courbu), «Izkiriota» (Gros Manseng), Riesling y «Chardonnay», considered I+D+i.

Throughout the winter and up until spring, with the vineyard at rest, we carry out a careful pruning process aimed at leaving the productive and healthiest vine shoots, whose buds will sprout in spring and will develop into the future bunches of our new harvest.


During our careful harvest the selected grapes arrive directly from the vineyard to the winery in lightweight boxes and here begins the production process.

The selection of the grape bunches,
their careful harvest,
and the arrival at the winery.

The grape harvest is carried out manually and with the greatest care, dedicating exclusively the healthy grape with the necessary degree of maturity to the production of protected wines. The grape harvest takes place towards the end of September or beginning of October when the bunches have reached their optimal point of maturity and balance between sugars and acidity.